Screen billions of compounds.

Only pay for hits.

OpenBench is the first and only success-driven service for small molecule hit discovery.

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Fee-for-service hit discovery is broken.

Conventional hit discovery is filled with uncertainty. High up-front costs. Opaque screens on protracted timelines. Dubious claims about the capability of discovery technology.

OpenBench cuts through the noise to deliver success-driven Hit discovery.

You define Hit criteria before starting your discovery project. You receive experimental data in your primary assay in weeks, not months. Most importantly, you only pay for results that meet your standards.


Find active compounds. Specify desired Hit potency and ligand efficiency thresholds in your primary assay.

Validated SAR

Jumpstart medicinal chemistry. OpenBench characterizes analogs to establish SAR around your Hit.

Structural Novelty

Develop new chemotypes. By default, your Hits will not be exemplified in existing patents, nor will they be analogs of known actives.


Position yourself for success. Your Hits will have at least two points of readily accessible synthetic diversification and meet a predetermined physicochemical profile tailored to your program’s needs.

Real experimental data in your primary assay in weeks, not months.

No payment required until we deliver Hits that meet your standards.

Maintain full visibility into the status of your Hit discovery project. OpenBench provides comprehensive data reporting and project status meetings at every step along the way.

Under CDA, we assess your target, identify the best experimental and predicted structures for virtual screening, and construct Hit criteria.

We then create a custom work plan that guides the project protocol and timeline so you know exactly what to expect.



Phase 0

Phase 1

Initial compounds arrive at your lab or CRO designee for a primary potency readout.



We start by virtually screening billions of compounds against your target. The top-scoring pilot compounds begin synthesis.

Phase 2 synthesis begins leveraging initial data to re-score and rank vast chemical space.







Phase 2

Phase 2 compounds arrive at your lab or CRO designee for confirmatory assaying.

Phase 3

Final potency screening and establishment of structure-activity relationship.







Using the Phase 2 readout, we begin analog synthesis for each of the most potent chemotypes.

We present a final data package with all relevant experimental and physicochemical data property profile for each Hit series. You purchase the Hits that meet your predefined Hit criteria.

Launch your next discovery campaign with OpenBench

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